Foreign Born :: "Vacationing People"

It is late in 2007 and I have a CMJ badge. One of these things gives me hope and one of them gives me options. You can decide which is which. I am in the basement of the Delancey and Foreign Born is meandering through a set in completely unimpressive fashion.

And then, in a moment, the whole thing shifts. Lead-singer and guitarist, Matt Popeiluch, launches himself into the air. His legs make scissors and his arm a windmill. He is locked into one of the great postcards in New York rock history. He didn't invent this pose, but he seems more than comfortable trafficking in the irony. The music isn't that hard but the moment is, nonetheless, masterful. As his hand comes swinging through acoustic strings, the crowd blows the roof off the basement. This is the band the West Coast Kids can't stop talking about it. I get it. They aren't a let down.

So now Foreign Born are signed to Secretly Canadian and their second record is due out in June. This is what American Folk Rock should sound like: No apologies and no regrets. There isn't time for either when you're launched to the ceiling and bound for the floor.

Listen :: Foreign Born - "Vacationing People"

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