Clear it up :: Apologies, clarifications, and the perfect storm

Big Baby Jesus dumped about a foot of snow on the city today and if you're the religious type, you might see some plague-like significance in it. Maybe New York got a little loud. Maybe we were a little too focused on spring. Maybe we needed to get brought back down to earth, kept inside, and shut the hell up.

Sort of like this project. Occasionally things will go up here in a hasty fashion. By, "occasionally," I mean, "always." The immediacy has its charm but sometimes we overlook certain angles or don't make things crystal clear. Take last Thursday for instance. I wrote three quick paragraphs about New York's The Hundred In The Hands. It wasn't particularly well done but it did leave out a few key details. One, "Dressed in Dresden" is a fun song that we've been digging out around here. I do think it owes certain stylistic flourishes to Bloc Party's "Banquet" but really, like a poor gambler, I laid heavy on that part and totally forgot about the rest. It's a good song on it's own. Is it a little slice of post-punk revisionism? Sure. But so is 85% of the music that I like. So, "Dressed in Dresden," you are not a copy-cat mess. You are your own woman and man.

To make it up to everyone, I'm running it back. Re-posting the track and the link through to the band's remix of the song, aptly called, "Undressed in Dresden." Enjoy the weather. My karma is still completely hosed but this is one step back around the bend.

Listen :: The Hundred In The Hands - "Dressed in Dresden"

Bonus :: The Hundred In The Hands - "Undressed in Dresden" (click through)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that!
Really awesome of you to take the time to repost.

Now if we could just do something about all this snow and... thirteen degrees? seriously?

All the best,