The Antlers :: "Bear"

Something important happened yesterday. Well, important in the sense that one of the best albums of the year actually came out yesterday - if you were paying attention, you already heard parts of it. Yesterday, The Antlers officially released Hospice and entered themselves into the album of the year race.

It's a record that documents, in story form, the long road towards death. Hospice, the well-cared-for last rights of days. Last night Peter from the band wrote: "This record was the most difficult record for me to make, and the hardest to to let go. But ultimately, I'm optimistic, truly believing these things become easier with time." Optimism in the face of certain death - it's a little inspiring. Optimism in the face of certain hype - it's a little ambitious. The band is offering a download of "Bear" to go with one of our favorite songs of the year, "Two." "Bear" is subtitled, "or, Children Become Their Parents Become Their Children." Think of that what you will.

Listen :: The Antlers - "Bear"

Bonus :: The Anters - "Two"

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