Viva Voce :: "Devotion"

Viva Voce are shooting for something big. "Devotion" sounds like a cross between Depeche Mode vocals and 1988-era U2 arrangements. If you don't hear a little Unforgettable Fire in the crashing guitars and soaring progression, you're just not listening. Now, as for Depeche Mode, the vocals are dark and dramatic, and of course, the title shares a name with a DM album, Songs of Faith and Devotion. You could make a strong argument that this song actually came out somewhere between the end of Ronald Reagan and the beginning of George Bush I.

So, turn the lights down on your Friday. Let music turn up in the background. Clarify, let this music turn up in the background. Feel a little down, but get up. Move around a little. It might be good for everyone to get out. Big guitars and all.

Listen :: Viva Voce - "Devotion"

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