The Ballet :: "In My Head" and "I Hate The War"

The Ballet produce super-self-aware orchestral pop in the same vein as some of the less annoying twee music you know. Or if twee is a four-letter word, let's just settle on the fact that The Magnetic Fields comparison is something almost everyone supports. The melodies and lyrics are of the kinds of diary-entry heartbreak that would seem cloying if they were done any less well. Goldberg is clearly a student of pop, and writes tunes that safely reiterate and explain his influences. But it's safe and enjoyable. Once the "na's" in "I Hate The War" kick, you won't care where this came from or how it got here. We'd just be guessing anyway.

Listen :: The Ballet - "In My Head"
Bonus :: The Ballet - "I Hate The War"

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