Cloud Cult :: "Pretty Voice"

It's a grey day in New York, the hint of rain and the less-than-steely resolve of humidity. It rained yesterday and the pessimists are calling for rain tomorrow until the end of the world. Of course, the glass-half-full types see some beauty in the breakdown. Whether karma or statistical odds or some platitude (it's darkest before the dawn, the light at the end of the tunnel), some of us believe that the bleakest weather (metaphorically, like a sledgehammer) is the greatest time for turn-around. Frankly, how much worse could it get?

Cloud Cult, from all the way back in 2007, offer a melancholy position on hope. Invoking superhero literature and a dramatic sense of irony (what exactly does the crowd not know?), the band chases down something painful. "Strike up the band/here comes the storyline/of the usual struggle/between fear and love." The drama is high and the melody pulses like the hum of a forgotten, yet increasingly insistent television. The narrative is about loss. But, there are messages and signals in loss (see: paragraph one). Enter hero girl. That's a quote.

Listen :: Cloud Cult - "Pretty Voice"


Glen Glenn said...

Thanks for the headsup on Cloudcult!

Puckett said...

Hey, I started a cloud cult forum and we need members. It's the only one out there currently. Hope to see you there.