Loney Dear :: "Airport Surroundings"

Loney Dear's "Airport Surroundings" reminds me of my phone's alarm. The chimes in the background right before the chorus, well, they're the same as a possible alarm tone on a Blackberry Storm (WOOOOOOSHHHH!). Which means, there are parts of the chorus that evoke something painfully Pavlovian in me. Those chimes, those noises, say, "Wake up. And not in that epic Arcade Fire 'Wake Up' way. Wake up, in the tragic, 'you will feel awful for the next 90 minutes until you arrive at your job and realize you love what you do' way." 5:45am is a weird time. So, those chimes don't really elevate me. They make me exhausted.

But, "Airport Surroundings" has something dark and candid about it; something that reminds me about driving at night or taking a red-eye from California. You can almost feel the road slip under your tires. You can feel the tarmac release you from gravity until you wake up somewhere else. The vocals are hushed and full of nonsense (too many nas, not enough heys) but nonetheless front a song that feels moving. Because the only time you should wake up at 5:45am on the east coast is when you took off at 11pm in LA.

Listen :: Loney Dear - "Airport Surroundings"

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Dr. President said...

thanks! This song is great.