Late To The Party :: Fanfarlo

Full disclosure: Fanfarlo is a dumb name for a band. There aren't too many ways around that. In many ways, it's actually misleading. I thought they might be a post-rock band. I thought they might be into some weird children's music. I thought a lot of things. This all adds up to me deleting press releases and ignoring most positive reviews of the band. I am, sometimes, extremely bad at this.

A near perfect hybrid of the lush orchestration of a Beirut record, the dramatic impulse of The Arcade Fire and the pop sensibility of Snow Patrol, Fanfarlo have one of the best records of the year. Hands down. No discussion. If I had been paying a lick of attention I would have caught "Harold T. Wilkins" sometime last year, or even the "I'm A Pilot" mp3 that the nice people at RadarMaker kept sending me. I am barely conscious sometimes. It wasn't until parts of the record were blaring out of my roommate's room that I said, out loud, "What is this? It's really good." Fanfarlo. And yes, it's good. The record is out and I can't say enough good things about it.

Listen :: Fanfarlo - "Harold T. Wilkins"
Bonus :: Fanfarlo - "I'm A Pilot"
Bonus :: Fanfarlo - "Fire Escape"

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