Papercuts :: "The Dictator's Lament"

My friend Chuck cares about music more than anyone I know. He purchases albums - we're talking thousands of dollars of music - while the rest of you right-click, save as, open in iTunes. He goes to shows. He talks about bands with passion not hyperbole and passes this information along. In short, Chuck is everything that is right with the music industry: a player, a critic, a consumer. And he really digs Papercuts. I don't like everything Chuck likes. He's a better critic than I. But, I like this.

"The Dictator's Lament" is maybe the best song off the latest Papercuts release. It sounds like a roughed-around version of The Shins singing REM classic "Crush (With Eyeliner)." Seriously, wait for the last measure of the chorus and sing, "it's a crush ... with eyeliner." It makes sense. Almost to the point where you sing the next line, "I know you ..." even though it doesn't fit or make sense with the music. Chuck would never do this. But you can.

Listen :: Papercuts - "The Dictator's Lament"

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