The Lonely Forest :: "We Sing In Time"

A result of changing speech cadences, we've taken to saying "new" and then a noun. It indicates pleasure. It indicates approval. Someone plays a song you like. You say: New band. New song. The rough translation is: I enjoy this and would like to hear more. New song. This new way of talking (new talking) is almost complete owed to the marbled-mouthed, Midwestern speech patterns of one of our most recent friends. We took to it like wild fire. New fire. New friend.

So, I suppose it's no coincidence that The Lonely Forest's "We Sing In Time" spoke immediately to me. "I'll find a new breath. A new life. To take me away." It's pretty dramatic. Now it helps that The Lonely Forest are writing about progress. More specifically, they're writing about how progress, even the end of humanity might provide opportunities for new life. New song.

Sonically, The Lonely Forest sound like a sped-up version of Band of Horses; same throbbing drums and resolving melodies. Same ethereal vocals. It's good. So say it with me, say it with our entire group of friends. New song. New band.

Listen :: The Lonely Forest - "We Sing In Time"

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