Emanuel and The Fear :: "Dear Friend"

Emanuel and The Fear turned out one of our favorite songs of last year, the seminal and sunshiney, "The Rain Becomes The Clouds." In a shocking twist, the band is releasing a new LP of 19 songs entitled, Listen, to back up last year's EP. We're counting that as prolific. The band is releasing an preview of the record, "Dear Friend," track seven on the album, and a perfect example of the band's orchestral, throw-back pop in the style of television montages from the opening credits. The song's first tones almost evoke Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" before spilling to a lighter-than-air series of strings, horns and Ben Folds-style piano. All of this swirls into a etherial bridge before the band finds a second movement recalling the most earnest of Stevie Wonder melodies, replete with summiting-major chord progressions. All of this levels up to a place, somewhere in a sharp focused 1983 family situation comedy, where it isn't possible to feel an ounce of bad.

Listen :: Emanuel and The Fear - "Dear Friend"

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