Happy Birthday :: "Girls FM"

I think we can all agree we've let this lo-fi, glo-fi, surf-rock, beach comber, reverb-drenched thing go a little too far. We gave it a long leash because, well, we didn't have any better ideas and we're not exactly taste-makers so much as we are weathervanes. And now we're being ripped along with the breeze of a storm we didn't see coming inasmuch as we also allowed it to form. We are also lost in our analogies.

And then, along comes the innocuously-titled Happy Birthday, a recent signee to Sub Pop. Picture the happy medium between the youthful solipsism of The Drums, the garage-rock obviousness of Surfer Blood and maybe the 1970s fun of Free Energy. The shabby guitar work recalls something unpolished and winning, and yet the shimmering "Everyone's Going Surfing," chorus will stick in your head like a piece of used up Juicy Fruit gum, spat from a passing Schwinn Cruiser bicycle. Just try to get it out.

Listen :: Happy Birthday - "Girls FM"

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