Northern Portrait :: "Favorite Moment"

Northern Portrait are guilty of being a little overdone as a band. Any lyric that presupposes to understand "your new favorite moment, your new favorite time," is stretching the limits of superlatives as we know them. This does not mention its presupposition that exaggeration for the sake of effect is acceptable, a cultural concept that went out of style sometime in 1996 when Alicia Silverstone had "the best time ever" in Clueless.

But perhaps we can be a little cynical. And in an increasingly relativist society, who I am to call anyone "overdone?" My criticism alone is overdone (see above, everywhere). I reflect. It precisely at this moment that the sonic love-child of The Cure and The Lucksmiths explodes out of the speakers and "Favorite Moment" becomes exactly that - your new favorite moment. Shimmering and ebullient, Northern Portrait have crafted something that explodes cynicism with all the regret of a safe-cracker blowing a safe. We are, for the moment, open and grateful for it.

Listen :: Northern Portrait - "Favorite Moment"


Louis Abate said...

Not a bad track.. definitely has that smiths sound to it.

32feet said...

yeah, it rubbed me the wrong way the first few listens but there it is in my itunes, chugging away at 10, 11, 12 plays now.