First Rate People :: "Film Star"

First Rate People told us recently that they like making music that, in theory, shouldn't work. They used the example of a country reggae song they managed to squeeze together. Another genre-bender, on "Film Star," the band uses a racing and playful break-beat to feature whirring chimes and warm horns. FRP continue to showcase their deftness with melody, a sort of intentionally underrated hit-making. As "Film Star" takes its final turn with the hook, "I am no film star," a second vocal hits in beat-poet candor, "Fresh start, when is it happenin'?/All the girls they still stick around when I'm here." The two hooks collide, then sync perfectly, like a multi-car pile-up turned into a 50-story Transformer, a beast running full speed down the middle of a North American highway.

Listen :: First Rate People - "Film Star"

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