Two Door Cinema Club :: "Costume Party"

One year ago, we featured Two Door Cinema Club and predicted they were on their way to something big. First, came the storming, massive single, "I Can Talk," racing all the way to number 11 in our top songs of the year. The band's first official full-length, Tourist History is due the first of March and the band is offering another song, "Costume Party," a b-side not even cracking the top ten tracks they selected for the album. "Costume" proves to be a twitchy, instantly infectious cut that sails along like a pushed person careening on a block of ice down a dry grassy hill side. The downbeat isn't meant to snap but rather to move with delicate guitar plucking and warm synth work. This will stick in your head for days, or at least the five weeks until the album comes out. Then, you can try to handle how good the record is, given "Costume Party" didn't even make the cut.

Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "Costume Party"
Bonus :: Phoenix - "Lasso" [TDCC Remix]


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