Rogue Wave :: "Good Morning"

Last we left Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave, he was in a Zune commercial talking about global warming in the lyrics of "Lake Michigan." I immediately put it on a mixtape and sent it to someone in Montana. Since then, the Zune has completely failed, the Copenhagen summit was a sort-of-failure, and I've sent six or seven more mixtapes to various zip codes around the continental United States.

Of course, Zach Rogue isn't standing still and he won't be a part of three maybe-blighted narratives (see above). The opening moments of "Good Morning" showcase packaged drums and a shabby guitar riff before exploding into something more bombastic. This isn't the least bit organic. By the time Rogue is charging into the chorus, the guitars are buzzing and his vocal is (oh my God, really?) auto-tuned. And yet, the lite power-pop tones are the same charming melodies that showed up on Rogue's first two records. "Good Morning" is a grower, repeating the mantra, "the future, the future," through the bridge. I suspect Zach Rogue would rather take us somewhere vaguely uncomfortable and new than fail in his place.

Listen :: Rogue Wave - "Good Morning"

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