Team Waterpolo :: "Letting Go"

Well folks, facts being facts and truths being true, this is the song of the summer. Team Waterpolo's "Letting Go" is going to challenge every song in your iTunes to a fight over the next three months and, I suspect, it's going to win. This is the sound of sunshine and driving too fast and slugging tequila, triple-sec, and lime. Although margaritas and speeding actually sounds like a 1995 Jetta trying to jump the Grand Canyon. Say I won't.

"Letting Go" is based on a simple hook and the rhetorical question: "do you wanna?" For whatever reason, asking of rhetorical questions makes for big pop music. Are you gonna be my girl? How soon is now? Don't you want me, baby? Lola, will the world save me and you? Where are your friends tonight? Presenting questions with no accessible answers seems to be a rather unstoppable formula for a hit pop song. You're engaged and yet not compelled to provide a solution. You're interested but not culpable. Well, are you going to be his girl? And how soon is now (and this entirely depends on how you define "now")? And where the hell are your friends tonight? For the purposes of this summer, Team Waterpolo is asking if you "wanna?" And the answer is yes.

Letting Go - Team Waterpolo

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