Generationals :: "Trust"

In an opening that evokes Bishop Allen and an upwardly mobile chord progression, one of our favorites, Generationals return to play in the indie-pop backyard. The lyrics drive at something different, far darker, charting the outer limits of a fractured trust. And it is this disjoint, cast in such intense relief that gives the song its subtlety and its power. You shake your head, put your coffee down and look up from your book. Did that sunny, little slice of music really just have the lyrics, ""Do you feel like you're living with a curse then?/Are you making it worse then?/Can you take any more?" At its most optimistic, it is pragmatic. At its most depressed, hiding in the feathers of bright guitars and playful bass lines, it is downright crushing.

Listen :: Generationals - "Trust"

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