[CMJ]White Belt Yellow Tag :: "Remains"

It seems sometimes that rock and roll has lost its sense of size. In 2010, especially at a music festival ironically known for "breaking artists big," it is almost heresy to play big rock music built for large groups and maybe mass appeal. Far easier, in today's climate, to build a few decks of keyboards and sampling machines, make music that sounds like it was recorded at the end of a wind tunnel and do the whole thing with a straight, miserable face [Editor's note: I also like a lot of this type of music]. But, where is the room for the big bands making something maybe more ambitious? White Belt Yellow Tag are in this second category, with an enormous promotional mp3, "Remains," and by all reports, a stunner of a live show. Gravitating toward the post-punk end of things, it is at once big, thundering and completely awesome, if the last two minutes of Airborne Toxic Event's "Sometime Around Midnight" were re-imagined by Editors. The question is whether or not a music festival as big as CMJ has room for a band this size?

Listen :: White Belt Yellow Tag - "Remains"

White Belt Yellow Tag play their last CMJ show tonight at Drom at 10:30.

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