On The List :: Wolf Gang @ Glasslands [10.14.10]

It was nearly midnight in a bit of industrial wasteland tucked against the East River before Wolf Gang took the stage. Seeing the band in these circumstances is seeing the reflection of the murky and quite possibly brilliant future of Wolf Gang and front man Max McElligot. Opening with 2009 single, "Pieces of You," it was obvious that, yes, this band might easily grow to level the pop landscape and yes, right now, they are only playing in an art space in Williamsburg. You pause. Then again, this is likely the moment before The Moment; the second before the drums kick in, the clouds open and the whole thing makes undeniable sense. Wolf Gang are about to be almost nothing you see in this moment at Glasslands in the last months of 2010.

The band plays the same set they pitched at Santos the night before, this being their second ever New York gig. Hitting "Nightflying," their first demo, early in the set before finishing with "Back to Back," absolute stunner, "The King And All Of His Men," and a new, profoundly Talking Heads-ish, cut sandwiched before closer, "Lions In Their Cages, there was a clear momentum to the methodology. Even with none of the lush strings of the originals, McElligot's sense of melody fills the space before the band packs their things to return to the UK. They will be back, a record out in the coming months, with room to grow and expand into the space between what you see in this place and what is left to come. This is, after all, the moment before The Moment. Wolf Gang will never be back here and that is not entirely unfortunate.

Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Lions In Their Cages"
Listen :: Wolf Gang - "The King And All Of His Men"
Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Pieces Of You"
Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Back To Back"
Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Nightflying"

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