Various Cruelties - "If It Wasn't For You"

A shabby, very nearly motown progression is the backbone of Various Cruelties' "If It Wasn't For You." The bass line is the critical element, both most obviously foundational and methodical without seeming uninspired. The chorus is a take-off, a level up and away from the ground as the arrangement swirls and fills around one of the most immediately catchy hooks of the year. The easiest comparison would be Arctic Monkey's throwback side-project, Last Shadow Puppets, but this is quite completely better than that. The final chorus is an expression of all that is fun and moving about music, expressing a conditional statement in terms that neither feel unfilling or particularly hypothetical.

Various Cruelties - "If It Wasnt For You" by 32feet

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Anonymous said...

Easy, more like Arctic's live, edgier rawer, still soulful and exciting, gorgeous singer and bass player, ha. Hails x