[Elevator CMJ] The Jezabels - "Mace Spray"

Already written about in a million little places, The Jezabels are making their bid for something real in the next few hundred hours. With a three EPs released over the last 18-months, the band bring their latest, Dark Storm, to New York for CMJ where they are one of our odds on favorites to emerge with serious buzz and the interest of a rain-making label here in the States. On "Mace Spray," the band doesn't break down any musical boundaries, only reinforcing and polishing old ones. The immediate reaction is Kate Bush, a more modern and, frankly, less weird version, but with the same gift for soaring melody, a curator of the space over our heads, all in the vehicle of a powerful and achingly unique female vocal. The Jezabels will play this city in the next few days and you can assume that all this fractal rhetoric will end up somewhere over our heads.

Listen :: The Jezabels - "Mace Spray"

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