[Preview] First Rate People @ Knitting Factory and Bowery Ballroom [October 1-2]

First Rate People make their New York debut opening for Born Ruffians on back-to-back nights at the Knitting Factory and then the Bowery Ballroom. A disjointed and pleasant dream, the band pens hook-heavy, pop collisions where genres swirl together and dissolve like all these perfectly heated molecules. Bluntly, we couldn't be more excited. The band shared a live snipet of "It's Never Not Happening (Part 2)" last week, bearing out the fact that they will sound undeniably louder and better in person. We're happy to celebrate their New York debut with brand new, never-been-heard demo "Half Nelson." We would call it an exclusive, but, the truth is, this will be everywhere before you know it. Just like this band, make sure you hear it first.

FIRST RATE PEOPLE - "Full Nelson (Demo)" by 32feet

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