Silverswans :: "Secrets" and "Anyone's Ghost"

Downtown somewhere there is a stairwell that goes underground. This is where you find Silverswans playing their slow-drive Gothic chamber pop that both evokes and destroys references to post-punk bands and their more modern, cold medicine cousin, the xx. Of course, this is that mythical downtown which, were it not to exist, would be created in the minds and hearts of girls with unsmiling bangs and guys serious enough about themselves to wear women's clothing. The lights are turned down low to obfuscate definite boundaries and Silverswans turn up "Secrets" before shuffling into the shimmering beautiful of the National cover, "Anyone's Ghost." Welcome to living underwater for more than a month. Just take the stairs.

Listen :: Silverswans - "Secret"
Listen :: Silverswans - "Anyone's Ghost"

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