Wild Ones :: "It's Real"

Heartbreak, like tall ships, can be delicately placed in bottles under the right circumstances. Folded up to pass the knave and then opened up in its container, these bottled ships represent a little slice of something terribly large reduced to manageable size, something that could reasonably be placed on a bookshelf. Portland, Oregon outfit Wild Ones do exactly this on single, "It's Real". Organ and synth chords provide the underlying architecture of what is ostensibly pure indie pop, a digestible blend of Stars and Rilo Kiley circa 2003, a slow-drive disaster made small. The chorus unveils itself with the kind of sheepish look usually closely associated with cute brunettes who wear quirky glasses, a Lisa Loeb archetype, grinning out behind lyrics like, "One more terror night, no I don't think we'll let that happen" and "I'll owe you one next time." Like the ship in a bottle, "It's Real" isn't entirely. It is a to-scale model of something larger, and presumably a bit awful, shrunk to being an anachronism of itself, a pretty, little facsimile of the original to take home.

Listen :: Wild Ones - "It's Real"

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