Easter Island :: "Frightened"

The opening line of Easter Island's reverb-heavy single, "Frightened" is an absolute killer: "Honestly, it's hand-in-hand with whiskey, finding rest inside a bed to sleep it off." The backdrop is a step-down chord progression that sounds like something you might use to teach guitar or piano, the rest sounding like a circa-2003 Death Cab song played at volume in a stairwell for its echos and crystalline elegiac qualities. It is as beautiful as it is precious, only a sparseness of language and lyrics allowing a bit of listener projection, what those first lines might really mean, a sort of universality that steers "Frightened" away from feeling adolescent or pedantic. Gibbard toed these boundaries well and Easter Island follows this tradition, an effort to prove the credibility of pretty things without ever being unpretty.

Listen :: Easter Island - "Frightened"
Listen :: Easter Island - "Hash"

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