New Beard :: "Doom"

"I heard that you and your band sold your turntables and bought guitars", muttered James Murphy on "I'm Losing My Edge." But even Murphy, waxing philosophical about the complimentary New York trends of house, rock and rap, never could have foreseen a band that sold their bass guitars and bought a tuba. This is the gimmick - without being derisive - for the whimsical and straight-faced indie pop from Brooklyn's New Beard. The low end you hear on "Doom" is exactly this tuba, firmly divorced from the kid in your high school orchestra who either had a poor sense of humor or a good one. The band's debut full length is out Tuesday, and single, "Doom" resounds as a circus tent of baroque melodies, strings, and a winking Metal guitar progression that ties the arrangement together at the very end. It all sounds like Wes Anderson movie that left the set and walked right into non-fiction. Then again, perhaps, this is Brooklyn, the serious turned ironic and the ironic turned kitsch, unblinking as you burnish the shine on your tuba.

Listen :: New Beard - "Doom"

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