Lame Deer :: "Cheap Hollywood"

Sounding a bit like a shoegaze take on early Airborne Toxic Event recordings, Lame Deer, a band from Guilford in the UK, also root themselves in the imagery of broken American aesthetics. The lyrics, besides the title, address "cheap regrets" and references to lives wasted on the West Coast of these United States. This is certainly not new material, Los Angeles, like New York, is replete with stories of inflated dreams sent to pop behind tended bars and waitress aprons. "Cheap Hollywood" considers this geography in the general first (yes, people, plural do this) and then in the specific (this is, of course, about a girl, singular) and the haunting nature of a relationship gone wrong across 6,000 miles. Think of it as a "Sometime Around Midnight" with more reverb, the same structural disdain for a chorus and a second-act with a wall of sound big enough to dent the dreams of a girl in the American West.

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