Interview :: Jinja Safari [6.8.12]

Jinja Safari, a Sydney, Australia outfit, are poised to make a serious impact on US soil in the next calendar year. The kind of band that makes A&Rs salivate about cross-over potential and licensing opportunities, to say things like "the next Vampire Weekend", the band remains unconcerned and undaunted. Band member Marcus Azon went back and forth with us about the band's favorite records, doses of straight-faced sarcasm and on being in a band with your best childhood friends, all after the jump.
 32feet: Top Five Jinja Safari Desert Island Records?

Jinja Safari: Speaking for myself- 

Police- outlandos d'amour
Radiohead- In Rainbows
Eliott Smith- XO
The Cure- Disintegration 

32ft: There's a certain grandiosity to your music: big arrangement shifts, lots of rolling tams, big choruses. Is this one of the end goals of your song-writing process?Are you consciously making "big" music?

JS: Yes we consciously want to be the biggest, over-produced, try-hard, world music slash indie band to come out of Sydney- and that starts with writing songs that are almost impossible to play live, utilizing as many instruments that we can't physically play. Also, for all our new tracks we recorded the real drums and percussion instead of the bedroom samples from our first EP- combining that with the vision of our producer/keyboardist pepa and his propensity towards 20 extra layers of sonic brilliance results in fat stacks on pop tracks.

32ft: If Jinga Safari was trapped on a sinking ocean liner and there was only one life jacket left, who gets it and why?
JS: Joe Citizen, cause he has the best genetic qualities to pass on to the world. Plus he's the only one who can't swim.

32ft: How accurate is it to classify your music with the genre, "Post-Graceland"?

JS: Good. It was released the year before I was born. So yes, all members of the band are Post-Graceland.

32ft: What does the next year hold for Jinja Safari?

JS: Instant commercial success.

32ft: What is one thing most people don't know about your band that they should absolutely never forget?

JS: That we are continually grateful for our situation. There are so many great acts that never get the opportunities that we have been presented with and we very rarely let ourselves forget this. This band came together out of nowhere- and it is a trip every single time we play to an audience who likes what we are doing. Adding to this is the fact that the band consists of childhood friends. We've all played in different bands together since before we could play instruments or write songs. So we are aware and thankful that the stars aligned for this project, no matter what happens with this group, or how long it lasts.

Also another fact that Jacob wanted to make sure everyone knew, was that is the only single member of the band. And he prefers men. Strong men.

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