Digits :: "Where Do You Belong"

The existential crisis isn't new but it might be more delicately done these days. Or has it been recast as a litany of affirmed capitulations? We gave up, tripping into an apathetic and accidental nihilism. Wrapped in a world of consumer traditions, cacophonous digital geographies and comfortable cultural lowest common denominators, the youth aren't exactly screaming into the abyss, a moment depicted with such ham-fisted indelicacy in Garden State that it was never mentioned again. What did all mean? Whatever, relativism won and it wasn't close. Digits' latest single, "Where Do You Belong" taps this same sore spot, referencing heartbreaks and the essential and pressing question of belonging, all set against a landscape of gentle synthesizers and whispered vocals. Sounding a bit like a composition designed for a rococo-era harpsichord only, it isn't hard to imagine this 8-bit anthem describing another decline of the new acien regime, a new group of bland Marie Antoinettes representing the listlessness of the last two decades. The enemies are at the gates, the binary coded strings tell us in their most somber tones, and no one seems to give a damn. But it isn't true. The enemies have always been inside the palace and we belong out there, somewhere.

Listen :: Digits - "Where Do You Belong"

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