32ft Down [Posting from the Dominican Republic]

Posts this week are being flown in from the beach in the Dominican Republic. The write-ups will be smaller, the music a little more off the map, and the theme a little more relaxed. So, enjoy it. 32ft/sec has fallen into the Caribbean. Can you blame whatever happens next?

The Harlem Shakes once were only famous for their fabulous potential and their name. Nominally, the ceiling was something like The French Kicks or a million other post-Strokes bands in downtown New York. It was good but not great. But now, The Harlem Shakes are threatening to make the record that Wolf Parade should have made last year. It arrives in March and it sounds great from the three songs we've heard so far. Try "Strictly Game," a song about turning the calendar, fixing things up and getting through. Listen to the chorus and get behind the line of the year: "make a little money/take a lot of shit/feel real bad/then get over it."

Listen :: The Harlem Shakes - "Strictly Game"


phoebeplagens said...

an addendum to 'this year'. how appropriate. perfect timing.

32feet said...

i wrote that almost exclusively for nate. that line just slays me.