Best and Worst :: Coldplay @ the Grammy's and TVOTR on SNL

It was a big weekend for music. It was allegedly music's "biggest night." Chris Martin was on "60 Minutes," the Grammy's had performances from everyone who sold 1,000,000 plus records this year, and TV on the Radio was on Saturday Night Live. Of course, some of these things played out well and some of them didn't. First, the worst.

Later scholars will debate if this was the worst moment of live music in human history. If you can last through the screeching, pitchy, disaster that is the chorus of "Golden Age," you deserve a medal. It approaches physical pain. Good song, good band, good album - just a bad night at the office. Luckily, NBC will kill this video in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ....

"Golden Age" [Live on SNL]

And then there was Coldplay. Like it or not, you're looking at U2 in real-time. I've gone back-and-forth on this but finally, this is one of the only legitimate arena-bands touring right now. Martin is equal parts skiddish, confident, twitchy and perfect. Just watch as he charges from the solo piano ending of "Lost" and onto the main stage to join the rest of the band as "Viva La Vida's" opening chords pulse in the background. Look at how he grabs the mic. Freeze that moment in your mind or pause it on YouTube. It's three minutes and 10 seconds in. Then play it forward as he skips toward the stage. This is self-actualization in real-time. This is greatness in motion. This is the sweetness that Michael Stipe told us would follow. Just enjoy.

"Lost" and "Viva La Vida" [Live on the Grammy's]

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