The Hundred In The Hands :: "Dressed In Dresden"

Remember 2005? Remember when you heard Bloc Party's "Banquet" the first time? Wow, right? Angular, uncompromising, and entirely aggressive.

This isn't that. But, hit "save as" and then press "open" and you'll find they do share a guitar riff. Close your eyes and ignore the growling synth-hum at the bottom of the mix. The guitars are entirely Kele and Bloc Party. It is nearly identical, like that girl who looks a little like someone you used to date, and it would be creepy if it weren't so familiar. Replace the vocals with a more hard-nosed Jenny Lewis and a sing-song final movement and you've got The Hundred In The Hands.

Where does that leave us? At the same derivative train station we've been held in since the second cave painter looked to his left and thought, "I wouldn't have thought of that ... but I'm pretty sure I can follow the design." And so began a tradition of artistic borrowing. Put into my own words? We didn't start the fire. It was always burning, since the world's been turning.

That about sums it up.

Listen :: The Hundred In The Hands - "Dressed In Dresden"

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Anonymous said...


It'll sound stupid but I'd never heard the Bloc Party track before.
It's a rad song and I can totally see what you're getting at with the choppy strumming pattern.
Guess we were probably both looking over at the same Gang Of Clash wall painting.

Anyways, not to be to defensive, but since we're comparing thought I'd also mention, there's is a four chord 4 bar pattern and our is 8 chords in 8 bars. Different chords and key too.

Like the blog, looks great.