32ft Down [Posting from the Dominican Republic]

Posts this week are being flown in from the beach in the Dominican Republic. The write-ups will be smaller, the music a little more off the map, and the theme a little more relaxed. So, enjoy it. 32ft/sec has fallen into the Caribbean. Can you blame whatever happens next?

PAPER are a furious post-punk trio out of Sweden. Someone made a Joy Division comparison but that doesn't quite wash. What does make sense is the fact that the Swedes are finally getting an edge. This isn't The Radio Department or Jens Lekmen or PB&J. This is short and quick and aggressive. It's completely out of breath. They'll be in New York in March for a residency at Cake Shop where, we can only assume, they will play more than just this song.

Listen :: PAPER - "Out Of It Into It"

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