The Joy Formidable :: "Cradle"

The Joy Formidable is a tempting bit of pronounciation. Is it the strict and tight English version? The. Joy. Formidable. Or is it the French, loose and mouth-full-of-marbles? Four-me-da-bleu. La Joix Formidable. It's possible.

But forget what the name sounds like, the band sounds like a more chunky Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but if Karen O and Nick Zinner split some vocal duties in some kind of boy-girl democracy. It's intense. It's a little over-the-top. It's the kind of thing that could be extremely important in Europe and never make it here at all. So say it how you want to say it. And say it a little louder. The Joy Formidable.

Listen :: The Joy Formidable - "Cradle"


Oh and you can get the whole album for free here.

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