Phoenix :: "1901"

There's always something triumphant about new music from a band called Phoenix. Even if they haven't been away that long and even if there's no tragedy - it always seems like an improbable comeback. Remember 2002's "If I Ever Feel Better?" Like a blazing rip from nothing. Like an elevation from an earthquake. Like a free download from the band's website.

And "1901" we can assume is about what the chorus says: "fallin', fallin" - which we can assume is a French Disco-pop way of saying, "we're back, baby." It opens with ominous synth-stabs before a lighter-than-air drum beat demands, "hey, are you going to keep up here?" Because before you know it, the song is galloping along with promises like, "I'll be anything you ask and more." Really? Wow. That's a lot to handle. But for a band as polished and temporarily perfect as Phoenix, we can guess they deliver. Until they touch down, blow up and disappear only to return. It's the modern rhythm of all things.

Listen :: Phoenix - "1901" (click through to the band's site, no email address required)

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