Devon Williams :: "Sufferer"

Be suspicious of artists who go by their given name. Slowly, we've been taught that these people are artistically questionable (John Mayer) or perhaps represent such unilateral danger to their own careers (Cat Stevens come Yusuf Islam) that they cannot be counted on. It seems safer when musical projects, even ones with only one founding member, choose a name - thus becoming more than a person, becoming "a band." That way, if the project implodes, the band is destroyed but the individuals are left untouched. This does not address the liminal situation where a single individual, joined by others, simply adds "Band" to the end of their given name (see: Dave Matthews, Pat Mcgee, etc.). It does seem that this last category is most specifically insufferable because of its treatment, and the necessary annoynimity, of the other members of said "band."

So Devon Williams, a recent signee to Slumberland, has a lot on the line. With angular, warm guitar lines out of The Cure/Smiths playbook, Williams couches the danger. This is brilliant, self-conscious pop. Insistant, rat-tat-tat drums back a soundscape that soars and weaves with the langour of a childhood bike ride. He encourages us to "shed our fear" and promises to "share mine." Fear, that is - the name is already taken.

Listen :: Devon Williams - "Sufferer"

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