The Cribs :: "We Were Aborted"

The Cribs are probably pissed off. When the first track on your suitably-titled album, Ignore The Ignorant is "We Were Aborted," you've come to the conclusion that something has gone terribly wrong. The kids are not all right. The initial riffs in "We Were Aborted" are hi-fi, betraying none of the angularity that helps the chorus be as destructive as it is a weird sing-a-long moment. A crowd of teenagers, and those who respect the prime and energy of youth, chanting, "We Were Aborted" is either crushingly ironic or ironically very hopeful. Sure, things went off the graph paper some time ago, but that doesn't mean we're screwed. In fact, it might be where we started to turn things around. In that moment just before the lights go down, when it's amazing we've made it, you can whisper, "yes, and we're still here."

Listen :: The Cribs - "We Were Aborted"

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