Stricken City :: "Pull The House Down"

It is amazing how steady we keep our hands. Only a quick glance through the Internet video library finds millions of examples where the unexpected happens and the camera-holder not only captures the action, but does so with stunning balance and precision. These people are not professionals and many times they are not in circumstances that would indicate a particular readiness or guard. These are mostly kids, taping things like pressurized aluminum cans in a fire about to explode, with surprised and yet steady hands.

Perhaps we have a third animal impulse hard-wired in our brain. We fight, we flee, and we stay shockingly calm. These are all products of adrenaline and survival, but only one keeps our heads together when everything is going to hell. Stricken City storm out of the UK with something aching between chaos and remarkable balance. Lead single, "Pull The House Down" is a taut piece of angular, buzzing post-punk. But even in the moments where the arrangement is kicking out, it is ultimately about keeping it together. The chorus says it all: "Get yourself out/pull the house down/that surrounds you/sort your plans out." Surprise. Steady up.

Listen :: Stricken City - "Pull The House Down"

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