The Sweet Serenades :: "On My Way"

This tune struts out of the woods like an animal on a mission to evolve. Starting with something rough and primal, the song ends polished and explosive enough to light up the darkest parts of bars with no names and rock clubs with no memories. Two explosive guitar blasts announce the start, hot on the heels come rolling toms and a cowbell. Sweet Serenades' "On My Way" charges out of the wilderness on all fours. A gait becomes a lope becomes a dead run and suddenly, at the critical moment (we'll call it, "the chorus") the beast leaps upright and hits an arms-flailing, human sprint. An urgent four-on-the-floor rhythm section leaves no doubt: We might have grown up in the wilderness, but we make our home in the city. We're on our way.

Listen :: The Sweet Serenades - "On My Way"

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