Land Of Talk :: "May You Never"

I was once accused of harboring an unconscious preference for male-fronted bands. While this is patently untrue, a quick trip through my music collection reveals something different. In an unscientific study, somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the bands I allegedly like are fronted by male lead-singers. I reflected.

Two things could be at work here: 1) Rock music has never had a totally democratic approach to girls; a bit too feast or famine. You are either one of the few mercurial front-women or you're playing keys in a band where you sing back-up vocals and no one can remember your name. Either that or, 2) I am a secret music sexist. Since I discovered this, I've been on a mission to ensure it is not number two.

Land Of Talk are one of those Montreal bands that dance right up to the edge of shoegaze and step back. Latest single, "May You Never" is an echoing, rollicking piece of indie rock that seems to descend from way up high, before settling down to where singer Elizabeth Powell can explore the space. Her vocals are off-set against a rockabilly riff, with splashy drums and guitars you can move with. The final touch is set to blow the doors off the place, but it is purely instrumental. You miss Powell's voice. You could hear more of it.

Listen :: Land Of Talk - "May You Never"
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Negro de la Sand said...

I'm sorry to post something not pertaining to the music, but after stumbling across your blog I just had to inform you that gravity creates a force of acceleration near the Earth's surface of 32ft per second per second or 32ft per second squared, written as: 32ft/(sec^2)

There's nothing significant about the velocity 32ft/second at all, sorry.

Anonymous said...

o do love this land of talk new single... go lizzie go!!!!

32feet said...

the name presupposes one of two things that deny the need for a squaring of the gravitational pull. one, these things were never higher than three stories off the ground. and two, we can't pay attention for longer than a second anyways. either way, it's 32 feet. thanks for writing.