Friska Viljor :: "Wohlwill"

Friska Viljor are a two-man Swedish outfit with a lead-single about a neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany. This sort of pan-Europeanism suits the stumbling, stomping, vaguely-Eastern single "Wohlwill." Horns punch the air like an inspired, middle-aged dancer and carefree chord-progression rolls into a chorus that is every bit the reason why minor revelations are written in major keys. The production is delicate but not crushing; like Beirut grew up and wrote music for a movie with a happy ending. The singular lyric sums up the freedom of youth, "because we'd been down there for a couple of days/getting nothing but drunk and we were lost in a haze/so all this time we were wondering if/we'd gone to the right town." It is a song about a place, a neighborhood the band came to love, but it is more about being pleased with where you are; where ever that is.

Listen :: Friska Viljor - "Wohlwill"

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