Hatcham Social :: "Crocodile"

I would like to plan and execute a major bank robbery. Something styled out of Michael Mann's brain. Something that would involve the theft of millions of dollars, a fascinating multi-part plan, maybe a helicopter and a getaway driver, fake names, and passports from Argentina. We would need diversions and architectural plans and a man on the inside. We would need almost every stereotype from every Hollywood bank job movie. We would need very expensive grey suits.

But then there is the unpleasant reality that I and my associates would certainly be caught. If we imagine this involving my three to five best friends, the plan would almost certainly be too complicated or completely improvised. Someone would be late. We would charge ahead, undaunted, finding initial success, only to be detained at the airport with 75 million dollars stuffed into our suitcases. We would face massive prison sentences.

Hatcham Social, a British post-punk outfit suggest a solution with their debut album title, You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil. First cut, "Crocodile" is full of hooks and edgy guitars. The band is opening for Echo and the Bunnymen on their US tour, which is exactly where the need to be. What better title for a break-out: you dig the tunnel, I'll hide the soil. We're out on the lam.

Listen :: Hatcham Social - "Crocodile"

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noah said...

And now we have inspiration:
"With cinematic flourish, the masked robbers dropped from a helicopter onto the roof of a Swedish cash depot before dawn, broke into the building through a glass pyramid, set off explosions to get to the millions inside and escaped by hoisting themselves and their haul back up on rope lines. All in 20 minutes, and all while Stockholm police were grounded by a fake bomb planted outside their own helicopter hangar." They even stole the helicopter they used to commit the crime. That is some badass shit right there.