Dawes :: "Love Is All I Am"

Fair enough: The title is a little much. But Dawes are certainly not up to being over-the-top for no reason. In fact, Dawes are a little much. This is, in a lot of ways, a compliment. The Americana-infused, roots-rock sweats through the sunshine of LA and ends up like a rustier version of The Avett Brothers. The arrangement is quiet, keeping the pace of slow-dance on the last day of summer. It is exactly the song to wax poetic about things past and present. It is the dimming of lights and the folding of tents. It is the boarding of cabins and the returning to school. It is a slow sunset over an utterly disinterested lake front. "Love Is All I Am" brings out the worst of comparisons, the most syrupy of rhetoric. It's all a little much.

Listen :: Dawes - "Love Is All I Am"

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