Avi Buffalo :: "Remember The Last Time"

Avi Buffalo are one of the LA bands we didn't see back in July. They came highly recommended, got themselves a Sub Pop deal and a bunch of ink but our schedules didn't match up. Consider our embarassment.

With their Sub Pop debut due at the end of April, "Remember The Last Time" drops as a five-part ode to the lost love, with emotionally-lorn sound-scapes and an eventually thrashing conclusion. In its nearly eight-minutes, "Remember The Last Time" breaks and builds with these breathing keyboards and guitars to warm your ears with attacking stereo. As the lyrics indicate in the bridge, "I've never written a love song," the implication is either that this is the first of many "love songs," or that it should certainly not be misconstrued as such. The arrangement breaks into a million guitars and fractures like a good childhood memory you have every reason to believe is biased.

Listen :: Avi Buffalo - "Remember The Last Time"

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recombined said...

remember "suns"? ...and nearly 2 years later you are blogging about this band. what a shelf-life.