Teenage Fanclub :: "Baby Lee"

Perhaps the only band that can make a light, sing-song melody sound a little bit like a sinking ship, Teenage Fanclub are back with a new record, Shadows, and a new single, "Baby Lee." Sounding a touch more rural than their most recent gritty slow-burn, Man-Made, the band does their best rendition of very-nearly Jayhawks progression. The vocals have an edge of hush and the lyrics rely on candor and simple couplet. It is, however, the foundational reliance on acoustic guitar that changes the fundamentals of the sound, turning it away from the buzzing, hushing alt-rock of the band's previous albums. If you like Princeton, the chord progression is very nearly "Sadie and Andy," which was as bright a slice of pop as 2009 had to offer. Teenage Fanclub doesn't have it in their DNA to go soft, but this is certainly a sunnier version of the emotional anchor they drop through the bottom of their boat everytime the release a record. One supposes this is the song to hum as you sink to the bottom.

Listen :: Teenage Fanclub - "Baby Lee"
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Listen :: Princeton - "Sadie and Andy"

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