Twin Sister :: "All Around and Away We Go"

You would be hard pressed to find a better title for the first song leaking off your first proper full-length album than "All Around and Away We Go." Like a whispering disco-joint, Twin Sister issue a vague statement of purpose, with rippling guitars and shimmering sonics. A saucy bass-line rules whole portions of the arrangement in between echoing, carefree vocals. It sounds like Studio 54 sunk to the bottom of a swimming pool, glam and disco floating past each other with bemused, magic-realist expressions on their faces. They wave to each other, genres supplanted and sunk in the hands of 21st century kids who had the gall to play games with them in the backyard. Like most of Twin Sister's previous material, it is catchy but just as you grasp hold, it sinks to bottom like a bunch of breath-holding children.

Listen :: Twin Sister - "All Around and Away We Go"

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