Interview :: Free Energy [3.11.10]

Free Energy have their debut record, Stuck On Nothing, out this week and play two shows in New York on Thursday and Friday. We exchanged some emails about my friend from college, working with James Murphy and riding on the wings of dolphins.

32ft: My friend brought you guys to Kenyon College back when you were touring as Hockey Night. He says you crashed on his couch. I mentioned Free Energy the other day and he insisted I say hello and that, well, he still thinks you rock.

Free Energy:
I totally remember Phil!! He told me about Spank Rock. Totally awesome guy. Tell him hi! And Thanks!

Down to business, Free Energy has a flair for the classic rock influences. What are your Top Five Desert Island Albums?

Right now I've been listening to these tapes in the van:

Born in the U.S.A. - Springsteen
World Clique - Dee Lite
Kick - INXS
Graceland - Paul Simon
Men With Broken Hearts - Mississippi Records Tape Series

Describe the experience of working with James Murphy. He gave an interview where he described falling more and more in love with your record as the process unfolded. Fair assessment?

Amazing, life changing experience. I think we all fell in love with the record as it went on. We didn't know each other and didn't know how it would turn out at the beginning, so it was really exciting as it went on and kept sounding better and better.

Your band is stranded on a sinking ocean liner and there are only enough life-preservers to save two of you. Who lives and why?

I take BOTH life preservers, and try to somehow harness them to a couple dolphins who will pull me quickly to shore.

New York crowds are notorious for their lack of enthusiasm but, truthfully, it's happening everywhere. You guys are a fun band: Are crowds getting worse or are bands getting less fun?

The truth is, New York crowds are awesome. We get good New York crowds. People come to our shows ready to have a good time. I love playing New York.

In my social circle, your lyric, "We are young and still alive/now the time is on our side" has gained something of a cult following. Is this the anthem for a new youth movement? Should we be burning down the Bastille?

Might as well.

Best potential for an old-school rock feud or, put another way, what band do you love hating?

I love to hate on: Clapton, Steppenwolf, George Thorogood, maybe The Guess Who, the song "Mony Mony."

What is the one thing people should absolutely remember about your band?

We love music completely.

Listen :: Free Energy - "Free Energy"

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