Wolf Gang :: "Back to Back"

Wolf Gang was unquestionably our favorite discovery of 2009. He began the year by blowing our doors off with "Night Flying" and "Lions In Their Cages" before brightening our Los Angeles summer retreat with "Pieces of You" and living up to his major label potential with the year closing, "King And All Of His Men."

Willing to chase his sound to darker corners, Wolf Gang has returned with the demo for "Back to Back." The same shabby guitars and soaring harmonies color the chorus, with ethereal, down-tempo verses. Perhaps the lyrics say it best, "When everyone is thinking that I must be depressed/the point that they're missing is/I don't want nobody else." With a backing that almost recalls the xx during the second verse, Wolf Gang holds on for the slow drive before the ascending chord-progression of the chorus takes us to the soft center of the pop universe. Wolf Gang's mastery continues; if you don't find him, he will certainly find you. Stream and download the demo below.

Wolfgang - Back To Back by Atlantic Records UK

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