Fang Island :: "Daisy" [Video]

This generation of kids is challenged with getting earnesty back. They're not disaffected in the way that grunge rock tapped in the early 1990s. If anything, the great crime of the current post-adolescent isn't anger; it's hyper-literacy. And with this well-versedness came criticism and with this criticism, disappointment. Fang Island are hell-bent to get away from this methodology. "Daisy" is a phenomenal eruption into the blue, all that critical energy driven into extroversion, a tribal call to arms. This is music for a generation of kids who grew up having Maurice Sendak read to them before bed, who grew into trouble, hype-dealers, critics, day-job cats and late-night dogs, and inexplicable imaginators, even in their darkest moments. This is for you, everyone.

Listen :: Fang Island - "Daisy"

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